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It takes more than putting up a mic and press 'record' to track a song. Each instrument or voice is unique. Each performance is unique. That's why I make sure you can focus on your unique performance, while I'll take care of capturing those moments in the best way possible. Recording is a creative (and sometimes nerve-wrecking!) process, and I will be there to support you, and guide you through the session where needed.




The right sound is crucial when you want to get your ideas and message across. You want to express yourself in the best and most appropriate way possible.

I'll mix the sessions you recorded here (or elsewhere), and I'll ensure your project reaches its full potential. Whether the tracks are ready to be mixed, or they need editing, tuning, or re-amping beforehand,  I can take your creative vision to the next level.




After the hard work of writing, recording, and mixing is done, you want to be sure your music translates well when played on any type of playback system. I pay attention to every detail of the mix, but never lose sight of your creative vision. Your master will be balanced and ready for duplication, (digital) distribution, streaming, and broadcasting.

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